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An Innovation Experience unlike any other

The Strategic Innovation Summit is an event for experts to discuss real problems and solutions and to collaborate on designing the future of our profession. It is a ‘lean forward’ event where participants get deeply and intimately engaged in working through, with others, new ideas and designs for advancing the science of innovation. It is the only summit that focuses on big, strategic innovation and the cultural, structural and behavioral aspects that enables it to happen in large organizations.

25 leading innovation practitioners

25 hours of deep engagement

25 new insights into innovation practice

25 specific actions you can apply

100% unique                              100% relevant

This is not an event to improve your creativity, to delve into the minutia of specific tools or techniques or to ‘lean back’ while speakers show you PowerPoint slides. It is an event where you can make connections and interact with peers, dig deeply into innovation issues, causes and effects, and reinvigorate your efforts to move your organization forward.

  • No feel-good innovation stories – just real problems and solutions
  • No ‘innovation 101’ neophytes – just advanced conversations with expert practitioners
  • No theoretical academic lectures – just ‘next-practice’ processes, methods and tools you can implement

What distinguishes this event from others you are used to:

  • The participant’s expertise – mastery level and beyond
  • The topics addressed – leading-edge issues of corporate innovation systems
  • The focus of attention – discussion of issues, not feel-good stories
  • The perspective taken – a systems view of innovation dynamics
  • The methods used – structured sessions that foster immersive dialogue
  • The experiences had – collaborative, immersive, and innovative venue and colleagues

Participants at past summits have said that this is one of the best innovation events they attend. They have told us that this summit is:

The right size

The right topics

The right interactions

The right length

The 7th annual summit took place in Chicago in September.

See the 2017 Summit page for details

Strategic Innovation Summit Attendance

Past summit participants include people who are leading the innovation efforts of the following companies:

Previous Summits


2017 Strategic Innovation Summit

September 25 – September 26, Chicago, IL

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2016 Strategic Innovation Summit

September 19 – September 20, Chicago, IL

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2015 Strategic Innovation Summit

September 21st – September 22nd, Chicago, IL

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2014 Strategic Innovation Summit

September 22nd – September 23rd, Chicago, IL

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2013 Strategic Innovation Summit

September 15th – September 18th, Chicago, IL

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